5 Star Books of 2018

I’m a part of several readers groups for authors that I’ve enjoyed their books. In one, Nora Phoenix, she has challenged us to review 5 books this week. I’m not sure how I feel about reviews, but rating I can do. I track everything on Goodreads mostly because it does it for me from my kindle. According to that list, these are the top rated books I’ve read in 2018. There’s still a little over a week left, but I’m really picky with my 5 stars — which is probably why there are only 7 out of almost 250 books this year.

I guess it’s fitting that 2 of my top rated books are by Nora.

The Weight of It All by Walker, N.R. (I read on Jan 14, 2018)

I liked this one because of the characters. Henry is funny, and Reed is a gentle giant. Reed is a fitness buff, but he’s not arrogant, and while it might be his whole life, he knows that it’s not all there is to life. It was a funny story watching two people navigate two different lives and pasts and their friends. I have a soft spot for gentle giant types, and characters who aren’t the perfect fit body-type.

Take Down (Open Wounds #2) by Frost, Michelle (I read on Sep 15, 2018)

I’m actually surprised that the first book in this series didn’t make the 5 star list, because I loved that one, too. This is a debut series, but you wouldn’t be able to tell. The emotions are raw, and the tensions just right. In this one, two MMA fighters are preparing for a big championship against each other, while also falling together. The interaction between the family adds more depth to what they’re going through, and I like the united front they present to the world. And that it wasn’t another one “the sport doesn’t support us so we have to stay in the closet” books.

Alpha’s Sacrifice (Irresistible Omegas #1) by Phoenix, Nora (I read on Apr 13, 2018)

Nora writes amazingly detailed books with so much character and a plot that it’s a wild ride from start to finish. This one is an MMMM and the characters navigating how they’ll be together, while also navigating everything else is so tightly packed that it’s impossible to look up and breathe while you’re reading it.

Clutch (Forbidden Desires #1) by Scott, Piper (I read on Oct 13, 2018)

This book was hilarious. I loved that it was a different take on shifters, MEGGS. The characters and everything about the world building is phenomenal. Dragons, mates, and science all thrown together with a ton of personality and heart. This series really has the potential to go on for a while, and I hope it does. The second one is just as good.

Blaze (Homecoming Hearts #5) by Welch, HJ (I read on Oct 27, 2018)

Helen is what I want my books to be. This book was the end to a series that I loved from book one. What happens after the boyband? It had you rooting for the characters to just get their act together, and wanting to yell at the things stopping them. It sucked you in and didn’t let go, and then it was over and I didn’t know what to do with my life anymore.

The Time of My Life by Phoenix, Nora (I read on Feb 14, 2018)

I really liked Nora’s take on the behind the scenes of a singing competition. I’ts not a setting I’d seen before, but I have watched some of them on youtube, so it was fascinating to see how … orchestrated it could be. And then to follow the characters through the process and see how they coped with both the show, getting together, and then their families.

Finders Keepers by Walker, N.R. (I read on Feb 02, 2018)

This is just a feel good story about a man who finds a dog and falls in love with the owner before he even meets him. He makes friends with a crazy old neighbor, and gets the courage to pursue what he wants. It’s a sweet romance without a lot of drama and I can still remember lines from it that make me smile at random times.

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